Faith Initiating Regeneration – The FIR Project

The FIR project is one of several in FRF UK’s portfolio which addresses the needs of faith based organisations in reaching their cull capacity. FRF UK, through its subsidiary, Faith in London, was familiar with the potential to support the objectives of the Learning and Skills Council. Many had access to large pools of volunteers, could readily identify potential beneficiaries and provide easily accessible facilities that would make suitable bases for training or other community regeneration initiatives. However, their infrastructure was too underdeveloped to maximize the potential of their resources. “It helps one to improve oneself as well as the community because you are able to better deal with the community.” Segum Olaleye New Hope Christian Centre, a FIR beneficiary “I think this is a shining example of the kind of programme that we are all committed to encouraging and expanding. The idea of regeneration is a very powerful one. It is about bringing new life to communities, about giving opportunities that maybe have not been around in those communities in the recent past. Sometimes when we talk about regeneration it is somehow seen as mainly about bringing in new resources from outside of a community. But I think what we learn is that in fact the most successful examples of regeneration are where people are able to harness and marshal their own resources and energy and enthusiasm from within those communities.” Hon. Stephen Twigg, MP, Minister of Schools “Projects like this promote social inclusion, they helpd to give people in the community confidence and the organisations that can best support those individuals, those are the kind of skills to ensure that community members do the best.” Vivian Cutler, Executive Director LSC East Published in 2003