The Faith Communities Toolkit and Awareness Training

A generic toolkit is now available as part of a popular training programme – The Faith Communities Toolkit and Awareness Training. The courses have been developed in response to the recent introduction of the Employment Equality Regulations 2003 in the UK and include:

1. How to use the faith communities toolkit

2. Spirituality at work

3. BME and faith communities awareness training

4. Religious discrimination legislation training

Our consultancy team also works with individual organisations to research, design and build a customised toolkit tailored exactly to your brand and needs.

Originally designed as a reference manual for Jobcentre Plus staff, Faith Regen’s UK’s Faith Communities Toolkit provides information about the main faith communities in the UK. It highlights traditions and practices and focuses on employment issues and how to engage with people from different faiths.

“A first step in celebrating diversity is understanding our different backgrounds and beliefs. This toolkit gives our managers easy access to information on a range of faith traditions in our community.”

Hamish Elvidge – Sainsbury’s Finance Director and Board Champion for Equality and Diversity

Published in 2004