Muslim Jewish London Roots

Muslim Jewish London Roots is about bringing together young Londoners from the Jewish and Muslim faith to talk about their history and place in the British society. FRF was set up to encourage greater interfaith action. This project was a part of that narrative, and we hoped to bring together youth from Muslim and Jewish communities to discuss issues which were not political, religious or controversial. Thus, our project hoped to achieve a common ground between two faith groups who have found it a struggle to come together on issues other than those of an international nature, especially the youth. There are initiatives which are slowly taking place which FRF is involved in on a local level- such as Mitzvah Day and we worked with the organisers of Mitzvah Day for a Year of Service during the Diamond Jubilee. However, this project sought a very different result which was based on learning lessons from the past and taking forward a message of cohesion. Furthermore, appreciating our common heritage and celebrating the way that both the Muslim and Jewish communities have left a significant footprint in the East End of London. We wanted to allow the youth involved in this project to come together to learn and express themselves through different mediums. These included- written, spoken and artistic. The change we hoped to create was a shift in mindsets and a realization that all new communities go through a struggle. The project aimed to: a) Create a platform for Muslim and Jewish youth to interact with one another in order to understand the shared heritage and common roots in the East End of London. b) Promote through innovative means, the history of how the Muslim and Jewish faith communities have settled in London, specifically the East End of London, during the 20th century. c) Provide a platform for newer and older generations to interact for the purpose of learning and preserving history.