About Us

Faith Regen Foundation (FRF) is a multi-faith UK based regeneration charity, working to reduce social exclusion. FRF is committed to working towards increasing social harmony in the society. We have a strong track record of achieving targets and outcomes to ensure positive change for disadvantaged individuals and communities. We have successfully engaged and supported over 20,000 beneficiaries since our inception in 2001.

Our core business focuses on supporting the hardest-to-reach members of BAME communities in the North and East of London to move into sustainable employment through tailored programmes consisting of intensive mentoring, employability training, work placement and confidence building. We also specialize in providing domestic violence services, basic skills training programme in ESOL, creative English, equality and diversity, food hygiene, child care, health and safety, ITC, and leadership. Programmes are delivered in a manner sensitive to the needs of various minority groups and in relevant community languages where necessary.

Our USP is our ability to engage with communities and individuals where public services need extra support. Due to the trust and respect we have built within these communities over the last 17 years, we have been able to work closely with them in an array of fields such as education, employment and housing. We understand the diverse communities that live in the UK and are able to provide both faith and culturally sensitive provisions.

FRF also promotes greater understanding between faiths and cultures, and identifies solutions for encouraging positive relationships within our society based on a collaborative approach. We have expanded our services from providing training, work placement and employment opportunities to undertaking research projects, creating awareness among BAME and faith communities on issues like domestic violence, mental health, self-defence, integration, cohesion and as well as developing different products.

We operate both nationally and internationally to build bridges with and between multi-faith communities, government and civil society to stimulate greater understanding and respect for cultural and religious diversity.  We use our intimate knowledge of faith communities to help improve communications, develop good practice and tailor initiatives for them so that they are received favorably by disadvantaged groups. 

Our mission is to develop innovative and sustainable solutions to social problems that ultimately increase social harmony. We work to regenerate both individuals and communities (including faith communities) to encourage positive approaches to various social issues.