Islamic Garden

This was a one year project funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund. The project focused on Islamic gardening heritage, which developed in the Middle East from the 7th century onward. The project’s aims were to connect wider communities with Islamic gardening heritage through a series of visits to Islamic gardens in the UK, talks and workshops led by Islamic gardening heritage experts.

During the Spring Term, a group of volunteers worked closely with staff and students at Oaklands School in East London and the Religious Education and Environment Programme (REEP) to develop an Islamic garden within the school, using the traditional Islamic gardening techniques and principles. When the garden was complete (link to the story under latest on homepage) an additional group of the school students worked to create a scale model of the garden as well as permanent interpretation materials for visitors to the garden to continue learning. The scale model, along with a portable exhibition about the garden, went to other schools, community centres and mosques to encourage others to consider embarking on similar projects linking culture, heritage and the environment.

There is a documentary made at the completion of the project with the title “Islamic Garden, A Unique Heritage”.

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