Leap of Faith (Intercultural / Interfaith Work)

The Leap of Faith Together (LoFT) works to promote intercultural dialogue through a series of multi-lateral and intercultural collaborations, developed in partnership between the British Council and the Faith Regen Foundation. LoFT is based around a simple idea: working as a team enables individuals to understand one another. This team work breaks down barriers of ethnicity, faith, and other cultural and social divides.

Partner organisations are selected based upon their ability to work with young people in addressing local issues of inter-cultural sensitivity. The project involves recruiting eight young people, aged between 20 and 25 years of age, from each participating city (Sarajevo, Skopje, Cluj and Edinburgh) who are already making a difference in their communities. The project will support them with resources, networks, and mentoring, helping them to realise their skills and become future leaders. Teams come together to identify and plan a project that benefits their city, such as the conversion of waste ground into a public garden, or providing a small library for a local orphanage.

Teams meet twice a week, for up to ten weeks, to plan and deliver their project. LoFT also organises a series of exchange visits so that teams can experience other projects. Teams are then to begin working together on a second “Super Project” in each location. They will launch their project with a public event, where they can share their experience using talks, video diaries and presentations.