“FRF is an exemplary organisation, which develops co-operation between faiths and promotes a harmonious multi-faith society. The key to our success in Malaysia is that we have learnt to acknowledge the sensitivities of the faith communities that make up our society.”
Dr Mahathir Mohammad

Malaysian Prime Minister

“I congratulate FRF for empowering people and providing services which are desperately needed within the community.”
Lord Nazir Ahmed

“FRF is doing some excellent pioneering work…we need to learn from, promote and encourage more inititaives like this by faith communities around the country.”
Tony Mcnulty

Former Minister of State for Employment and Welfare Reform

“FRF has worked hard to bring the positive points of religion together to build communities in deprived areas of this country.”
Paul Westbrook

CEO, IDS Housing Association

“A first step in celebrating diversity is understanding our different backgrunds and beliefs. This toolkit (Faith Communities Toolkit) gives our Managers easy access to information on the range of faith traditions in our community.
Hamish Elvidge

Sainsbury's Finance Director and Board Champion for Equality and Diversity

“Having worked at FRF for 6 months as a Future Jobs Fund employee, I am very happy at the skills I have gained. The challenging environemnt taught me a number of skills that will undoudtedly help me with my future career.”

“We endorse FRF becasue they are a well established, experienced and articulate organisation: specialists in this field, and we are very impressed with the work they have produced for us.”
The Centre for Excellence in Leadership

“Benefits help you on a fortnightly basis, but the type of help offered by FRF is lifelong…self help is the best kid of help.”
EMEP North London

Beneficiary quote, EMEP North London

“It was as if a dark cloud had been removed from above me, I could see the sun once again.”
ESOL, Basic Skills and Employability Training

Beneficiary quote, ESOL, Basic Skills and Employability Training